Thursday, January 31, 2008

To-Do Before I'm 25 (as of 1/13/08)

Jaime's New Year's Resolutions for Jess

This weekend, Jaime and I each wrote up New Years Resolutions for each other on index cards. Here were some of his for me... a bit tactical, I thought, but very sweet.

I'd also be interested to hear what his more aspirational resolutions would be for me -- what does he think I could do to be happier, better, more me, more satisfied, more serene this year?

Things I want to spend time on in Cambodia

-- motorcycling
-- sewing/ clothing design
-- guitar
-- language
-- yoga/meditation
-- writing (book, poetry, short stories, letters, daily journal)
-- cooking
-- dancing
-- other travel
-- photography
-- reading/research
-- grad school Apps

And for more:
-- spirituality
-- finding my FOCUS
-- hanging out with kids

Monday, January 7, 2008

Food resolutions from Michael Pollan

1) Don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.
2) Avoid foods containing ingredients you can't pronounce.
3) Dont eat anything that won't eventually rot. [Tootsie rolls! The shame...]
4) Avoid food products that carry health claims.
5) Shop the peripheries of the supermarket; stay out of the middle.
6) Better yet, buy food somewhere else: the farmer's market or CSA.
7) Pay more, eat less.
8) Eat food a wide diversity of species.
9) Eat food from animals that eat grass.
10) Cook and, if you can, grow some of your own food.
11) Eat meals and eat them only at tables.
12) Eat deliberately, with other people whenever possible, and always with pleasure.