Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guess I'm behind already

Any new firsts in the last few days?

All pretty lame and small. I need to be a little more conscious about this project if I'm actually going to get anything out of it.

-- apple brined a turkey
-- asked someone to coffee that I was afraid to ask
-- read The Dogs of Babel

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Up at 1AM on Monday night

Things, they are a changin'.

I really should not be up this late, and yet here I am. I got a lot of good stuff done today.

For the rest of this year (41 days to be exact), I will do one new, exciting "first" each day. Here's a start from today in chronological order:

-- Round I of the HPV vaccine
-- Bought myself a really really nice digicam
-- May have found an apartment!
-- Attending a kickboxing class at work
-- Wrote a blogpost in this blog

I have so much energy, and I'm so sleepy at the same time. Can't wait for turkey-day and for the chance to dump out everything that's on my mind into some to-do lists.