Monday, December 17, 2007

My sparkly mini Christmas tree and drying underwear...

... are currently decorating my kitchen counter-top.

Today I washed a load of "delicates" in my kitchen sink and now they're chillin on the counter looking like some sort of strange kitchen-themed lingerie shop.

And then, for some reason I just starting thinking about this website that I built when I was 12 or 13, and how awesome it was. I had one page that was just flashing gifs; one -- obviously -- of photo; one of those funny surveys that we used to forward around (What's your favorite color? What are your nicknames? Who was your first crush?) and so on for at least a hundred questions.

I think I'll try to look one up and fill it out. I wonder if those kind of flimsy awkward definitions are sort of the best you can get. Or maybe that fleetingness, (or in kinder, gentler terms: "adaptability") is just me and I shouldn't be so freaked out.

I tend to like bulletin boards and clothespins and mobiles because I can shift them around as I shift around.

Thinking about that website also makes me think about how much I buzzed with naive lust when I was young. Since this so-called public journal is just starting out, I'll spare the details, but I can remember dreams with (always) thin, dark-haired boys and prancing around in a silky Japanese dressing gown that my grandma probably bought me, taking my hair up and down and pouting my lips in front of the mirror.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week One in the new apartment.

So this has been an eventful couple of weeks full of many firsts:

-- Moving into my own apartment
-- Selling something on Craigslist
-- Cliff House at 6 in the morning to watch the waves
-- Finding the fuse box and turning the lights back on
-- Unclogging a toilet
-- Tegan & Sara concert at Zellerbach Hall
-- "Fondue" by candlelight
-- Early morning run by Dolores Park

And just plain fun stuff:

-- Perfect green tea & finding my keys at the Irish pub
-- Dinner at Bissap Baobob & crazy dance party at Bruno's
-- Coffee & shopping with Sara in the Haight
-- Gabriela, Clove & Cinnamon
-- Apartment decorating spree: Pier One, Target, the Container Store...
-- Olafur Eliasson exhibit

Things that I'm happy thinking about:

-- **Buying the ticket to Cambodia**
-- Building my apartment platform
-- Finding/taking motorcycle lessons
-- Picking up more library books from on-hold
-- Buying fun Christmas presents
-- Organizing my closet
-- Getting a coffee pot